A Wide Range of Acid Dyes, Pigments, Azo Pigments, Phthalocyanine Pigments, Cold Dyes, Hot Dyes, High Exhaust Dyes, Bifunctional Dyes, Vinyl Sulphonate Dyes as well as Food Color, Textile Products from India.
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Quality Control

It is our policy to achieve continuous customer satisfaction by adhering to contractual specifications in terms of Quality and timely delivery on a consistent basis, while safeguarding the Environment both within and without and through prevention of pollution.

Our laboratory is equipped with the sophisticated testing instruments. Each and every batch is tested at all stages to ensure the right product reaches the customer no compromises.

This is ensured :
By instituting the Quality Management System Standards
Identification and acquisition of required resources
Ensuring the compatibility of various procedures and relevant documents
Updating the various techniques
Timely identification of measurement
Identification for verification of the product at appropriate stages
Establishing the acceptance of the product at appropriate stages
Identification of quality records.
By Complying with applicable Environmental, Health and Safety Regulations by Improvements in Environment and by meeting expectations of Stakeholders.
Through training of our employees and involving them in Continuous Improvement of our products, Processes and Environment.

We retain standard approved samples from our overseas buyer for 2 years. This is why all our client consider us as long time partners and look to us for quality Dyestuff and related products at competitive rates.

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