A Wide Range of Acid Dyes, Pigments, Azo Pigments, Phthalocyanine Pigments, Cold Dyes, Hot Dyes, High Exhaust Dyes, Bifunctional Dyes, Vinyl Sulphonate Dyes as well as Food Color, Textile Products from India.
Acid Dyes
'M' Dyes (Cold)
'H' Dyes (Hot)
'HE' Dyes(High Exhaust)
'ME' Dyes(Bifunctional)
VS' Dyes(VinylSulphonat)
Food Colour
Textiles Products

'ME' Dyes (Bifunctional)

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Products Name       Shade Card
Black HFGR
Golden Yellow MERL (* Yellow 145)
Yellow ME4GL (* Yellow 160 A)
Orange ME2RL (* Orange 122)
Red ME4BL (* Red 195)
Red ME6BL (* Red 250)
Red MERBL (* Red 198)
Blue ME2GL (* Blue 194)
Blue ME2RL (* Blue 248)
Blue BF (* Blue 222)
Blue 221

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